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  • Advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling and cold rolling processes of stainless steel
    Post time: 01-15-2019

    Advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling and cold rolling processes for stainless steel profiles: there are two main processing processes for stainless steel profiles, namely hot rolling and cold rolling.Different processing technology for stainless steel profile has a great impact on the org...Read more »

  • Introduction of cold rolled stainless steel process
    Post time: 01-14-2019

    The difference between the production process of stainless steel strip and that of cold rolled strip is that the stainless steel strip must be annealed before cold rolling and the surface of the strip must be kept clean in the production process to improve the yield and corrosion resistance. The...Read more »

  • What are the characteristics of the stainless steel cold rolling process
    Post time: 01-12-2019

    The so-called cold rolled stainless steel plate belt production, is not a simple “cold rolling”.In cold rolling before annealing, pickling, grinding, etc., after the cold rolling but also flat, straightening, shear, batten, etc., so in fact from the hot rolling coil until the product...Read more »

  • Technical application of 304 stainless steel cold rolling
    Post time: 01-11-2019

    We all know that stainless steel has excellent quality and characteristics, so its application is more and more widely, and worldwide stainless steel production and demand has been a continuous growth trend.As a universal corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel plate, it can be cold rolled to pr...Read more »

  • Introduction to annealing process of stainless steel
    Post time: 01-04-2019

    In stainless steel production, annealing process should be widely used, and according to the different requirements of the workpiece annealing purposes are different, there are a variety of annealing process specifications, commonly used are complete annealing, spheroidizing annealing, and de-st...Read more »

  • Stainless Steel Sheet – An Industrial Product for Many Different Purposes
    Post time: 10-30-2018

    A stainless steel sheet can come in more than one form; and some of them are explained briefly below: • Austenitic Stainless Steel – Austenitic stainless steel sheets are known to resist corrosion and can be easily transformed to different grades, shapes and sizes. They are also known to b...Read more »

  • Here’s A Quick Way To Know How To Choose The Correct Stainless Steel Sheet
    Post time: 10-29-2018

    Once you have decided that your DIY project is going to require some stainless steel sheet, you basically have three decisions before you, in order to select what you need. The two most foremost factors in choosing to use stainless steel sheet are its resistance to corrosion and staining. Techni...Read more »

  • Introduce hongwang stainless steel plate packing procedure
    Post time: 10-25-2018

    About the hognwang Stainless steel sheet packaging and loading,Let me Introduce hongwang stainless steel plate packing procedure: 1 Sheets covered with wooden plate for protection in transportation. 2. All sheets will be loaded in strong wooden packages. 3. Every cartons loaded with good shori...Read more »

  • What are the common forms of stainless steel surface protection film damage?
    Post time: 10-23-2018

    Stainless steel is a very thin and strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed on the surface to prevent the oxygen atoms from continuing to infiltrate and continue to oxidize, thereby obtaining the ability to resist rust. Once for some reason, the film is continually des...Read more »

  • Why does stainless steel rust?
    Post time: 10-22-2018

      When brown rust spots (dot) appeared on the surface of stainless steel pipes, people were amazed: “Stainless steel is not rusted, rust is not stainless steel, and there may be problems with steel.” In fact, this is a one-sided misconception about the lack of understanding of st...Read more »

  • Method for distinguishing ordinary steel and 304 stainless steel
    Post time: 10-17-2018

    Method for distinguishing ordinary steel and 304 stainless steel 1. Use a magnet to identify. Ordinary steel has strong magnetic properties, 304 stainless steel is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic (manufacturer saves cost, does not heat treatment after cold working, eliminates magnetism), when the...Read more »

  • About the interduction of hongwang Stainless steel coil packaging and loading
    Post time: 10-08-2018

    Packaging: According to customers’ needs, use wrapping paper. If the transportation period exceeds 10 days or encounters special climate, we will use waterproof packaging and add plastic film to prevent moisture, water and rust. Loading: We use the wooden pallet,triangular wood to fix the ...Read more »

  • the characteristics of 5-stand-18-roller High Tandem Mill
    Post time: 10-07-2018

    Let us introduce the characteristics of 5-stand-18-roller High Tandem Mill: Feature one:High Efficiency Two roller, five rolling mill produce continuously, and it can produce with sling rack. The roll changer also work efficient. Feature two:Shape Adjustment The intermediate roll with radian ...Read more »

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