Basic properties of stainless steel materials

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Stainless steel is a kind of more corrosion-resistant steel, but is not absolutely not rusty steel, until now did not invent in any condition is not corroded steel, so specific steel is suitable for use in a certain environment.

The corrosion resistance principle of stainless steel is: Cr2O3 blunt film is formed by the combination of chromium and oxygen on the surface of the steel. This passivation film is compact and stable with a thickness of 1-6nm.
It is the protective film of metal substrate, and with the increase of chromium content in steel, the passivation film thickness and strength will increase accordingly.
Therefore, in the atmosphere, water and other weak medium and nitric acid and other oxidizing media, the corrosion resistance of steel with the increase of chromium content.
When chromium content ≥ 12%, corrosion resistance of steel has a sudden change, that is, from easy to easy to rust rust, never corrosion resistance to corrosion.
So stainless steel is usually said to be chromium content of 12 percent or more iron – based alloy.

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Post time: Nov-13-2019
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