Classic review: hongwang group welcome party in 2019


Spring returns to the earth, splendid new add!On the evening of January 26th, the brand-new finishing workshop of zhaoqing hongwang was full of shining colors and friends. The welcome party of hongwang group in 2019 was held here grandly.Wang zhe, deputy secretary of the party working committee and director of the management committee of zhaoqing high-tech zone, and other leaders attended the party. Dai jianhui, chairman of hongwang group, representatives of the management and employees of hongwang group, as well as representatives of the government and Banks, customers, suppliers and cooperative units and other nearly 800 people who were invited to attend the party gathered together and spent the beautiful evening together.

Accompanied by warm cheers, director wang zhe first to open the party.Director wang fully affirmed zhaoqing hongwang rooted in more than ten years of achievements and contributions to the development of the high-tech zone, and wish the fuhongwang group better and better tomorrow, wish you a happy New Year!

Mr. Dai cu hui, chairman of the group, issued a New Year’s message, pointing out the direction for the group’s development and cooperation, and proposing a spiritual program for hongwang people to start again.Chairman dai said that in 2018, the environment and pattern are changeable, but we only care about how to make ourselves more competitive.The newly built shandong hongwang phase iii continuous annealing and pickling unit, zhaoqing hongwang finishing project, and yangjiang hongwang started synchronous construction…Pragmatic innovation and great ingenuity means bringing new surprises to the market and injecting confidence into the industry through new technologies, new processes and new products.

Hong wang has always stressed the hard struggle, the spirit of eternal hard work.Hongwang every step of success is condensed with all hongwang people’s sweat, youth, struggle.

Hongwang has always been focused on emphasizing the concept of service for the purpose.We are a manufacturing industry, we are also a service industry, we try our best to serve our customers.

Hongwang always attaches importance to science and technology and innovation, science and technology is the first productivity, whether it is the construction of the fifth consecutive rolling mill, or the deep processing project of zhaoqing hongwang, yangjiang hongwang new unit construction, we use the concept of intelligent manufacturing, hope that our workshop can achieve “unmanned”, can achieve intelligent manufacturing.

Years of running, today we in the stainless steel cold rolling industry, in regional layout, advanced technology, production capacity, etc., with its own good core competitiveness.It is because of everyone’s hard work day and night, management, service dedication, have today’s wang wang results.Here, I sincerely thank all the hong wang brothers and sisters, thank you for the hong wang pay.We hope that all our brothers and sisters will keep their feet on the ground, work hard, struggle hard and run hard to realize our common dream of hongwang.We are wang wang dream chaser!

To realize the vision of “building the most competitive cold rolling enterprise of stainless steel” is a relay race, which needs hongwang people to run one after another.Pioneer’s role is irreplaceable, the power of example is endless!Annual advanced worker commendation also is held synchronously in evening party.Group vice presidents zhu jiqiao, dai zehui, liu wei, gao zhice and liu zili presented trophies and certificates of honor to 21 outstanding advanced workers in 2018.

Don’t forget to beginner’s mind, keep in mind that the mission, macro flourishing with fruits to salute the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, to the 70 anniversary of the founding of new China, a song of magnificent atmosphere, the quality of the praise for theatrical performances, versatile macro prosperous friends scripted play the wonderful show, reveal the macro prosperous people, enterprising spirit and the great love of life, winning the cheers of the audience on the spot and spoke highly of.The party was broadcast live on video throughout the whole process, and employees from all over the group Shared a Spring Festival cultural feast.

In the New Year, opportunities and challenges coexist, and glory and dreams coexist.In 2019, hongwang people will struggle together, struggle together and run together to realize our common hongwang dream.Hongwang people, the New Year to start, again and again!

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Post time: Feb-21-2019
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