On January 18, the 2020 annual work summary meeting of Hongwang Group was held at the group headquarters. Group Chairman Dai Cuhui, Vice Presidents Zhu Jiqiao, Dai Zehui, Liu Wei, Gao Zhice, Liu Ziran, and Zhaoqing Hongwang, Fujian Hongwang, Shandong Hongwang, Yangjiang Hongwang, Sichuan Hongwang, Henan Hongwang, Guangdong Hongwang The main leaders of Wuxi Hongwang and other units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Gao Zhice, Vice President of the Group.

Dong Dai pointed out: Under the influence of the global epidemic in 2020, all Hongwang people actively adapt and adjust, and constantly overcome difficulties in the ever-changing environment, work together to overcome obstacles and achieve the set goals. At the same time, we can see that the Chinese sons and daughters facing the epidemic are united in the face of strong winds and waves, are in the same boat, are strong and unyielding, and fly against the wind. Leading cadres at all levels of the party and government take the initiative and act actively, which demonstrates the outstanding performance of the party and government. Leadership, coping skills, organizational skills, and implementation skills are all things that our company must work hard to learn and practice. This summary meeting is a sharing of cognition and ideas, and even a collision of hearts. Everyone opens up together, discusses fully, and summarizes the problems in order to better carry out the work of the next year.
Subsequently, the leaders of the group and its subsidiaries analyzed and summarized their respective tasks in 2020, and put forward a work plan for 2021. Chairman Dai made a concluding speech on the completion of the group’s overall work in 2020 and the work deployment in 2021.


Create and share
The group has set very clear performance evaluation indicators for each company, which is a challenge, and there is also ample room for challenge. The company has created a development platform of unity, cooperation, co-creation and sharing for everyone. It is necessary for everyone to give full play to their own competitiveness, tap potential, and convert potential into productivity and efficiency, wholeheartedly fight, struggle, realize value, and carry forward the spirit of ownership , To build and share the fruits of corporate development.
New product conversion
Finishing is the focus of the group’s future development. There is bound to be a lot to do in the future. We must take the initiative to embrace the changes and take the pulse of the new economic trends under “challenges and opportunities”. On the basis of the existing color steel automation products, continue to work on the color steel finishing Strengthen the field, continue to invest in new production lines, expand the finishing capacity, and enrich the categories of finishing products. At the same time, we must seize the opportunities of market recovery and industry development, change production thinking, and gradually increase the output and quality of the 400 series through expansion of production and production line transformation, so as to meet the new business format with both challenges and opportunities.

Practice internal strength
The group continues to develop rapidly. The original core production base will further expand new production lines based on the integration strategy of upstream and downstream enterprises; the group headquarters base and the new stainless steel cold rolling project base are being planned in an orderly manner. We need to seize the opportunity to practice internal skills, improve organizational capabilities and upgrade management. Speed ​​up the construction of talent team and talent reserve, attach importance to internal training and promotion, and actively introduce external outstanding talents. It is necessary to improve the management and execution capabilities of grassroots managers through targeted and practical special training, help employees master more skills, and combine the transmission and integration of corporate culture to make training more effective and better help actual work.

Fine management
All subsidiaries must have the capability of “independent operations”. It is necessary to strengthen refined management, closely integrate the implementation of refined management with enterprise production and operation, and avoid movement and formalization. The requirements and deployment of the group should be communicated to the front line in time to further sink the focus of work. As Mr. Kazuo Inamori said: “The answer is on the spot, and there are gods on the spot.” Real knowledge can only be learned through practice. Combining scientific discussions, go deep into the scene and discover and solve problems on the spot. With a faster response, a more practical approach, and a more flexible way, we can increase production, manage quality, and reduce costs.
Learning is an eternal topic. In this era of rapid development, not advancing or even slowing is a step backwards. We must continue to strengthen team building, improve comprehensive ability and quality, actively study, be proactive, and be capable and pursued. Hongwang people.
Run hard to stay in place
As a manager, we must keep self-consciousness at all times, practice three times a day, and insist on self-reflection and self-awareness; we must be enterprising, and the economy in the post-epidemic era will continue to recover. The entire stainless steel industry contains good development opportunities. We must proceed from the actual work, closely follow the progress of the group, run hard together, continue to struggle together, and jointly pursue our beautiful tomorrow.
Safety management
As the Spring Festival is approaching, the awareness of safety in production cannot be relaxed. Everyone must be the master of the country and pursue zero-error safety work. Logistics and warehousing must be planned in advance to ensure safe and stable production during the Spring Festival. At the same time, we must pay attention to humanistic care, so that employees can work happily in the company and have a happy New Year.
The mountains are high and the trees are deep, waiting for us to climb; the water is deep and the waves are wide, waiting for us to sail. Summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, at the beginning of 2021, we will continue to forge ahead, go hand in hand, and jointly write a more brilliant new chapter for Hongwang people!


Post time: Jan-26-2021