A few days ago, the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission issued a notice “Promoting Plan for Building a Modern Industrial System and Cultivating 100 Billion Industrial Clusters” (2018-2020). Fujian Hongwang has become one of the key supporting enterprises of the 100 billion stainless steel industrial cluster.
The plan pointed out that, centering on the stainless steel industry in Ningde, Fuzhou, and Zhangzhou, relying on the Ningde Stainless Steel Industrial Concentration Zone, Fuzhou Stainless Steel Industrial Concentration Zone, Zhangzhou Stainless Steel Industrial Concentration Zone, Wuping Stainless Steel Industrial Park, etc., support the growth of Qingtuo Group and Baosteel Desheng Stainless Steel , Fuxin Special Steel, Hongwang Industry and other enterprises, focus on the development of stainless steel deep processing and application industrial chain. Strive to achieve an output value of 150 billion yuan by 2020.


Fujian Hongwang, as a large-scale cold-rolling project of equity cooperation between Hongwang Group and Qingtuo Group, direct supply of raw materials, and resource sharing, has an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of high-quality cold-rolled stainless steel. Relying on the advantages in raw materials, equipment, technology, cost, shipping and transportation, as well as the professional technology and high-tech concept of Hongwang Group in the cold rolling industry, it has become a large-scale cold-rolled stainless steel with the highest quality and complete specifications in South China and East China. Production body.


The newly completed third set of 1700 five-stand 18-high continuous rolling production line and supporting continuous annealing and pickling line, with fully automated continuous production technology, superb craftsmanship, and excellent product quality, enable the competitiveness of the company Further improve.
In the future, Fujian Hongwang will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “Dare to innovate and dare to fight”, adhere to the concept of green development, continue to lead stainless steel cold rolling technology innovation, improve quality, and take an environmentally friendly, technological innovation sustainable development path. Contribute to the creation of a 100 billion stainless steel industrial cluster in Fujian Province.

Post time: Oct-14-2020