In recent years, Shizong County has followed the idea of ​​“replenishing the chain, extending the chain, and strengthening the chain”, relying on the existing 1.575 million tons of stainless steel crude steel production capacity advantages, actively cultivate and extend the stainless steel industrial chain, and strive to build a stainless steel industrial cluster, and strive to make Shizong The County Stainless Steel Industrial Park has been built into Yunnan’s only first-class stainless steel city in the southwest.

According to the plan, the Shizong County Stainless Steel Industrial Park has a planned land area of ​​279.76 hectares and an estimated total investment of 7.81 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2025, it will achieve sales revenue of 62.8 billion yuan, a total profit of 1.81 billion yuan, and a total tax of 1.26 billion yuan. It is planned to take 3 to 5 years to build the Shizong County Stainless Steel Industrial Park into an upgraded version of the entire chain of industries ranging from raw materials, smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling deep processing, and various stainless steel products to build an aircraft carrier-level stainless steel industrial cluster.

The county’s stainless steel industry started with Yunnan Tiangao Nickel Industry Co., Ltd., which attracted investment in 2009. The stainless steel smelting production line was completed and put into operation in August 2012. Over time, the single industry and imperfect industrial chain restrict the development and growth of Shizong’s stainless steel industry.

In order to give full play to the unique advantages of the original 1.575 million tons of stainless steel crude steel production capacity, Shizong County introduced Qujing Dachang Trading Co., Ltd., Chongqing Cuizhiyuan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Shizong County Fangwei Investment and Development Co., Ltd. through investment promotion. Shizong County Wolaidi Metal Materials Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 870 million yuan, will build a 1.4 million tons of 1780mm hot rolling production line and a 300,000 tons of 1450mm thermal annealing and pickling production line. The project started construction on May 29, 2018 and will be completed in 2019. The project was completed and put into production on October 18, 2010. The completion of the project has filled the gap in the production of wide strip steel in Yunnan. It is reported that Volody’s hot rolling production line is the first complete set of independently developed new steckel rolling mill production line in China. It adopts advanced technology such as hot delivery and hot charging of slabs, hydraulic thickness, automatic width control and other advanced technology in plate production at home and abroad. Rolling various high-standard stainless steel products.


In the Shizong County Stainless Steel Industrial Park, Shizong County Wo Laidi Metal Material Co., Ltd. is just one of the many companies in the county’s stainless steel industrial park, and it is just one link in the stainless steel industrial chain.

In 2020, Shizong County Wolaidi Metal Material Co., Ltd. will produce 680,000 tons of various steel coils, with an output value of 5 billion yuan and a profit of 170 million yuan. At the same time, it successfully introduced Yunnan Jingzhong New Materials Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 200,000 tons of narrow-width cold rolling and Guangdong Qianjin Industrial to invest in the construction of 200,000 tons of wide-width cold-rolling production projects, as well as supporting the construction of stainless steel shearing, electroplating and other production lines. The downstream stainless steel products enterprises need to provide various types of stainless steel plates, pipes, etc., which complement the entire chain of the development of the stainless steel industry and open up the “last mile” that restricts the development of the county’s stainless steel industry.

With the improvement of the stainless steel industry chain, Sichuan Guojinrong Metal Material Co., Ltd., Sichuan Pengzhou Zhongxin Metallurgy Co., Ltd., and Chengming New Materials Co., Ltd. have started construction of plate and pipe production projects. At present, the construction of standardized workshops is nearing completion. It is expected to be completed and put into production in June 2021.

Post time: Apr-10-2021