Hongwang group chairman dai jinhui’s speech on New Year’s day 2020



Timing updates, early spring, we will take a new step in pursuit of dreams.
On the occasion of the New Year’s day, on behalf of hongwang group, I would like to extend my best wishes for the New Year to the leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who have been caring about and supporting the development of the company.
Looking back over the past year, macro prosperous based on stainless steel cold rolling and supporting processing, service areas, strong practice of the party and the state advocates “innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing” concept of development, under the strong leadership of the party committees and governments at all levels, in financial institutions and industry chain cooperation unit, under the support of customers, macro prosperous people with hard struggle, hard to study, in the development of the high quality the long strides on the road, take concrete actions to the 70th anniversary of the motherland birthday gift.
In 2019, the various aspects of the group of continuous improvement, the effect of the key strategic moves highlight: overall advantage to further consolidate layout, new product batch on the market, many excellent talents further ascension, enterprise innovation ability, the technical level, management level, and further improve customer service level, further enhance the core competence.
Macros in advance the technology innovation, ZhaoQingHong prosperous introducing high quality rolls to the sector mirror for the first time, the whole roll of PVD vacuum coating, nano without fingerprints and a series of core products, will also launch a whole roll of antimicrobial properties, wear resistance, weather resistance, strong functional stainless steel, act as a leading downstream surface finishing innovation transformation era.
We want to make stainless steel colorful, fashion and temperature, better promote the application of stainless steel, to meet the people’s pursuit of a better life.
In 2020, facing new opportunities and challenges, macro swan will continue to promote new technologies, new processes, new products development and application, further promoting the manufacture level of intelligence, high standard, high efficiency completed yangjiang macro flourishing black annealing pickling white board and precision cold-rolled sheet, and yangjiang ZhaoQingHong flourishing, shandong macro flourishing, chang surface finishing projects.
Actively promote the professional development, testing, exhibition and exhibition center construction of the stainless steel cold rolling and surface finishing industry, and promote the standardization of enterprise standards, group standards and industry standards of related products.
With better products, better quality, lower cost, higher efficiency to serve our customers, toward the “most competitive stainless steel cold rolling enterprises” forward.

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Post time: Jan-03-2020
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