Hongwang group participated in the fifth pearl river west bank advanced equipment manufacturing investment and trade fair

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The fifth advanced equipment manufacturing investment and trade fair on the west bank of the pearl river opened in foshan on September 20. The meeting is hosted by foshan municipal government and guangdong provincial department of industry and information technology, and jointly organized by zhuhai, shaoguan, zhongshan, jiangmen, yangjiang, zhaoqing and yunfu municipal governments. Deputy secretary of guangdong provincial party committee, governor ma xingrui and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

With the theme of “zhexi zhexi intelligent manufacturing and equipment future”, the conference will focus on exhibition transactions, project signing, investment recommendation, industry BBS, etc. It will showcase the latest achievements of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in eight cities on the west bank of pearl river, and promote the integration and connection of innovative elements such as products, technologies, talents, projects and capital.
During the opening ceremony, governor ma met with chairman dai zhenghui of hongwang group and other important business representatives. Governor ma especially inquired about the investment and construction progress of yangjiang hongwang new project, and specially assigned provincial units and local governments to actively support the construction of yangjiang hongwang project.

Chairman dai zhenghui briefed governor ma on the group’s core business and yangjiang hongwang project planning, and thanked the relevant provincial and municipal leaders for their care and support for the project.

The exhibition highlights the latest development and has been put on the market stainless steel whole roll color plate series.
The group is committed to the development of stainless steel surface finishing products, will be a shorter production cycle, superior production costs and product quality feedback to customers, to create product value for customers, set up the stainless steel finishing industry benchmark.

The whole coil has been put into advanced production units such as new whole coil process PVD vacuum coating, whole coil mirror 8K processing, fully automated whole coil frosted wire drawing and resistance fingerprint line, whole coil 8K, frosted, wire drawing, titanium plating, rose gold and other processes have reached the leading level of the industry and created many pioneering works in China.

During the tour, Chen liangxian, vice governor of guangdong province, and the main leaders of the provincial government entered the exhibition area of hongwang group, listened to the briefing of hongwang group’s technology and product characteristics, and inspected the stainless steel full-roll color plate displayed in the exhibition hall in detail.

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Post time: Sep-25-2019
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