Hongwang group third quarter work summary will be successfully concluded

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On November 2, the third quarter 2018 work summary meeting of hongwang group was held in hongwang, shandong province.
Group chairman dai zhenghui, President ai dong, vice President zhu jiqiao, dai zehui, liu wei, gao zhize, as well as zhaoqing hongwang, fujian hongwang, shandong hongwang, yangjiang hongwang, henan tianhong, foshan hongwang, wuxi hongwang and other major managers attended the meeting.
The meeting was presided over by gao zhize, vice President of the group.

At the meeting, group President ai dong comprehensively analyzed the international and domestic economic situation, as well as the latest industrial policy and market information, etc., and affirmed the third quarter performance achieved under the complex and changeable environment.
At the same time, it also points out the deficiencies in the work in the third quarter, and puts forward the direction and requirements for the improvement of the follow-up work.
The main leaders of the headquarters and each subsidiary reported the work of the third quarter respectively, emphatically analyzed the existing problems and put forward the improvement measures for the next stage.
The leaders of the group management committee made comments and summaries on the work of their respective sub-sectors and put forward improvement requirements.
Finally, group chairman dai zhenghui made a summary speech and work deployment.
It is pointed out that each company should learn from each other with modesty and honesty, and analyze and sort out the problems and measures put forward in the meeting, so as to put them into practice.
For problems in work, we should adhere to the enterprise spirit of “brave in innovation and fighting”, view problems with long-term development perspective, turn pressure into power, turn crisis into turnaround, stick to the core business philosophy and strive to achieve the established goals.

In order to better promote the management objectives of the group, several personnel appointment resolutions of the group management committee were announced at the meeting: zhu jiqiao, former vice President and general manager of fujian hongwang was appointed vice President and chairman of fujian hongwang, and deng hongxiang, former deputy general manager of fujian hongwang was appointed general manager of fujian hongwang.
Liu ziran, former general manager of zhaoqing hongwang and yangjiang hongwang, was appointed vice President of the group and chairman of zhaoqing hongwang and yangjiang hongwang.
During the construction of yangjiang hongwang, the former general manager of the technical quality department of the headquarters liu huidan concurrently served as the general manager of yangjiang hongwang;
Former general manager of the headquarters supply and marketing center assistant wu naiqiao as the headquarters supply and marketing center deputy general manager;
Deng shiquan, former assistant general manager of shandong hongwang, was appointed deputy general manager of shandong hongwang.

Finally, the chairman encouraged everyone, the continuous progress of the society, fierce competition in the market, the rapid development of the company let us have no opportunity to “rest”.
We must cherish the development opportunities given by the company, keep up with the pace of the company, never forget the spirit of hard work, continuous learning and continuous improvement.
We believe that with our joint efforts, the future of the company will be better and better, and the life of every hongwang person will be better and better.

During the meeting, the company also studied other key projects and business decisions.

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Post time: Nov-04-2019
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