Hongwang “win in the front line” class special training successfully held

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In order to further improve the comprehensive management ability of front-line managers, consolidate the management foundation, and constantly consolidate and strengthen the company’s ability to execute various management decisions, recently, the special training of “winning in the front-line” team leader level was launched in hongwang, shandong.
Shandong hongwang (deputy) team leader and key staff of each department 64 people participated in the training.

This training by the group internal developing courseware by oneself, unified organization, chosen by the company’s outstanding training teacher lecturer, from the enterprise culture, management role cognition, management skill and the Angle of personal growth, comprehensive and systematic to students presented excellent grass-roots management personnel should have the attitude, ability and accomplishment, clearly convey the demands and expectations of a company to first-line managers.

After the training, shandong hongwang organized students held a training summary forum.

Students actively share their own gains in the training, combined with their own work to put forward their own thinking, and set themselves a “small goal”.
Group vice President, shandong hongwang chairman dai zehui encouraged everyone: to participate in the training, itself is the company’s affirmation of everyone.
It is hoped that trainees can apply the knowledge, skills and methods learned in the training to their actual work, “manage” their own work well, effectively promote the standardization of the company’s work, further reduce costs, improve benefits and achieve the company’s goals.
We hope that all students can take this training as a new starting point, take the initiative to learn, keep improving, keep up with the development of the company, and create a more brilliant tomorrow together.

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Post time: Oct-10-2019
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