New Delhi, April 27th, Jindal Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (JSL) said on Tuesday that it began supplying liquid oxygen from its factory in Odisha to medical facilities for the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Jindal Stainless Steel Company stated in a statement:

“The Jindal Stainless Steel Company continues to work hard to help the country fight the new crown pneumonia and has begun to supply liquid medical oxygen (LMO) from the Jajpur plant.”

The company said in a statement that it will dispatch more than 40 tons of LMO every day to meet the growing demand in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and other states.

The company also said that up to now, it has supplied 128 tons of oxygen to various medical facilities. In stainless steel plants, among other processes, oxygen is also used as a chemical catalyst for melting steel. Abhyuday Jindal, General Manager of JSL said:

“In Hisar and Jajpur, we are providing all possible support to their respective governments to ensure that our facilities provide uninterrupted oxygen regardless of the impact on operations. Saving the lives of fellow Indians is the most important task today.”

From Friday, the company has started supplying 8 tons of oxygen from its plant in Hisa.

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Post time: Apr-28-2021