Jiao lansheng, party secretary of yangjiang, visited yangjiang hongwang for investigation

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Recently, yangjiang party secretary jiao lansheng and other leaders visited yangjiang hongwang research.
Zhang lei, member of the standing committee of yangjiang municipal committee, deputy secretary of the municipal committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference and secretary of the municipal committee of the CPC, li yongyi, member of the standing committee of the municipal committee of the CPC, secretary of the party committee of the high-tech zone and other leaders accompanied the investigation. Zhu jiqiao, vice President of hongwang group and chairman of yangjiang hongwang group, and hu aiguo, general manager, participated in the investigation.

Secretary jiao and his party went to the production site of hongwang in yangjiang to check the implementation of the enterprise’s epidemic prevention and control measures and the implementation of the plan to resume production, and made relevant arrangements on the site of the problems faced by the enterprise.
Secretary jiao stressed: at present the most important work is to grasp the epidemic prevention and control, grasp the production and management.
We will earnestly implement corporate responsibility, do a good job in preventing and controlling epidemics in key projects, and take concrete and detailed measures to prevent and control epidemics.

Secretary jiao of yangjiang hongwang leadership team, staff to stick to their posts, seriously implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, efforts to resume production to give full affirmation of the practice.
With the support and care of yangjiang municipal party committee and yangjiang municipal government at all levels, yangjiang hongwang will fully implement the measures of epidemic prevention and control, actively promote the safe and orderly resumption of production, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic and social and economic development of yangjiang city with practical actions.

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Post time: Feb-27-2020
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