Linyi municipal party committee superior leaders visited our headquarters to investigate


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Recently, deputy secretary of linyi municipal party committee, mayor meng qingbin led linyi government delegation to visit the hongwang group headquarters research.
Wang group chairman dai zhenhui, vice President gao zhiche accompanied the investigation.
At the symposium, mayor meng mainly introduced the economic and social development of linyi, the development plan of lingang iron and steel base and the progress of the main project, and comprehensively understood the development of hongwang group, the advanced technology of hongwang, the overall regional layout and good development momentum expressed full affirmation.
Chairman dai zhenhui mainly reported the characteristics of shandong hongwang project and the application and market prospect of the stainless steel surface finishing machine unit and the whole coil finishing products under construction, especially expressed sincere thanks to linyi municipal party committee and government and luozhuang district government for the guidance and support of shandong hongwang project!

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Post time: Oct-12-2019
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