On October 18, the third quarter 2020 management meeting of Hongwang Group was held in Zhaoqing Hongwang. Group Chairman Dai Cuhui, Vice Presidents Zhu Jiqiao, Dai Zehui, Liu Wei, Gao Zhice, Liu Ziran, and Zhaoqing Hongwang, Fujian Hongwang, Shandong Hongwang, Yangjiang Hongwang, Sichuan Hongwang, Henan Hongwang, Guangdong Hongwang The main leaders of Wuxi Hongwang and other units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Gao Zhice, Vice President of the Group.
The chairman of the group pointed out: the group’s ranking among the top 500 in China is the result of everyone’s joint efforts and an affirmation of the company and everyone. How to continue to improve the overall competitiveness of the company is a problem that we need to keep thinking about, and managers should continue to improve Own professionalism, soberly see your own shortcomings, face problems, solve problems, and be loyal to our career; seek truth from facts, and set an example, be a clean, honest, responsible manager; must have the ability to see and understand , There is a scientific prediction of potential risks; no matter what position or position you hold, you must be brave to take on and overcome difficulties in order to truly reach the standards of the top 500 companies.
Subsequently, the leaders of the group and its subsidiaries respectively reported the completion of the key performance indicators in the third quarter, the overall work and the progress of major issues in the quarter, and discussed and planned the work objectives and major issues in the fourth quarter. The chairman of the group made on-site comments on the work of the main leaders, and put forward requirements and goals.


Pay close attention to product quality
Companies must pay close attention to product quality “regardless of cost”, fully implement the quality management system, strengthen the technical leadership of quality management innovation, precise positioning, optimize the process route to the best level, and continue to enhance customers’ recognition of the Hongwang brand Know, make products more competitive.
Production and sales linkage
Through the linkage of production and sales, seamlessly connecting with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, Zhaoqing and Shandong will fully release the finishing capacity under the condition of ensuring quality, and strive to build finishing as a boutique production base to meet the high-quality personalized needs of customers and further expand products Market share to enhance Hongwang’s brand influence.
Learn from Qingshan
We must work hard to learn from Qingshan, learn from Qingshan’s culture, learn from Qingshan’s advanced management concepts, learn from Qingshan’s daring spirit, and learn from Qingshan’s courage to “challenge the impossible” without making excuses. Grow in learning, learn in growth, fully mobilize all resources to achieve work goals.图二


Focus on and cultivate talents to stimulate organizational vitality
The company must have the courage to practice the employment mechanism of “the capable, the mediocre” to stimulate organizational vitality and improve overall performance. Managers should be good at digging talents from the front line, pay attention to and cultivate talents earnestly, and let those who have the ability, dare to take responsibility, can do things, and do good deeds to take up more important positions and get better pay.
Stick to the two lines of safety and environmental protection
Safety and environmental protection is our top priority. All companies must attach great importance to the bottom line thinking, practice safety production in depth, take the initiative to take responsibility, act proactively, firmly stick to the two lines of safety production and environmental protection, and ensure safe production and environmental protection. Put it into practice and continuously promote the company’s high-quality development.
Increase product development and testing
For finishing, it is necessary to strengthen refined management, to better transform technological innovation into productivity, to play a solid role in leading the development of the industry, and to develop a batch of technological applications with independent intellectual property rights, high technological content, strong innovation, and high achievement transformation project.
Unity of knowledge and action
Companies continue to focus on the construction of corporate culture, and more Hongwang people should participate in the practice and inheritance of corporate culture, so as to achieve a true integration of knowledge and action. Gradually internalize the corporate culture in the heart and externalize it in action, deeply shaping the spirit of close unity, perseverance, and never-say-failure of Hongwang people, and truly build a high-performance wolf-like team.


We are fortunate to be in the current era of transcendence. All Hongwang brothers and sisters must have the courage to face the difficulties, the courage to bear the responsibility and the perseverance to struggle, sweat and work hard, live up to the times and strive to be new The dream catcher of the times.

Post time: Oct-26-2020