Properties and characteristics of the main steels of stainless steel

stainless steel.

1, 304: due to better corrosion resistance, high strength, long life, and a good color and surface gloss, as a rust resistant heat resistant steel is the most widely used, suitable for food equipment, general chemical equipment, especially for decoration industry, such as stainless steel fence.
Where 0Cr18Ni9 is Cr steel grade 0Cr19Ni9.

2. (304Cu2) 0Cr18Ni9Cu2: it belongs to cold-rolled stainless steel plate for ultra-deep drawing, which is used for deep drawing manufacturing of utensils, kitchen articles and other products.

3, SUS304J1 and 304Cu2, Cr and Ni content is low, low production cost, corrosion resistance and processing performance is similar, the same use.

4. Series 301: the steel has good corrosion resistance under atmospheric conditions and high strength and hardness after cold processing. It is applied to equipment or components that can bear high load under non-rusting conditions.
Such as rolling stock and transmission belt bolts and nuts and springs.

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Post time: Nov-23-2019
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