Stainless steel color pull plate processing technology


Stainless steel pipe

Rolling plate:
Reasons for the production of calender: because there is a big difference between hot-rolled coil and cold-rolled coil, and the price of rerolled coil is cheaper than that of cold-rolled coil, the calender has both price advantages and a large margin, so many manufacturers produce calender.
Production process: because the manufacturer of calender does not have the capacity to produce cold-rolled plates, its production process cannot meet the requirements of producing cold-rolled plates, so they buy hot rolled coils from large steel mills, conduct surface thermal treatment, and then roll into cold rolled coils of other thicknesses.
Features: the first grade material is produced without any defects.
Secondary materials in the production process may cause scratches, chromatic aberration and other undesirable, but not very serious, in the mechanical properties and element content and no material difference.
The price is cheaper than the first grade material.

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Post time: Dec-03-2019
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