Stainless steel plates are used in the transportation process

stainless steel materials

In the process of transportation and storage of stainless steel plates, the use principles should be observed:

Steel plate transport must be packed, be careful when unpacking, operation is strictly prohibited a steel plate on another plate uneven movement.

Steel plate storage is generally vertical horizontal steel plate on a stable shelf, in order to avoid contact with steel plate and steel plate friction, should be placed between the clean plywood as a partition.

In the use of the process, to prevent grease spot pollution, reduce dust, debris and vacuum suction machine imprinting (such as the use of vacuum suction plate).

Grease stains can be wiped with detergent, can also be used for a clean towel wipe clean.
In order to prevent scratches and contamination during installation, the surface of stainless steel shall be protected by protective film and removed after installation.

In order to avoid the mutual interference between the various types of work on the construction site, the installed stainless steel plate surface should take necessary protection measures, such as easy to collision parts, to outsource the protection of plywood.

Otherwise, if be collided, can appear dented collapse, leave scar, have the appearance of hinder.
The flow of people is larger.
In order to prevent construction personnel to carry items collision can also be added maintenance railing to avoid approaching.

Stainless steel has a high resistance to corrosion, but not absolutely corrosion.
Therefore, stainless steel trim do not touch the salt and other easy rust corrosion material, so as to avoid corrosion rust.

For all stainless steel trim surface, should often keep clear, especially people often touch the part, more often wipe, otherwise easy to accumulate dust or local dirt.

If the stainless steel building decoration material is well maintained, the surface is bright and dazzling.
Not only the decorative utility is guaranteed, but also its durability can be enhanced to achieve a satisfactory use effect.

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Post time: Dec-11-2019
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