Surface treatment of stainless steel


1) cleaning and polishing: if there is any damage, it should be polished, especially the scratch and splash caused by contact with carbon steel parts, and the damage caused by cutting slag must be cleaned and polished thoroughly.

2) mechanical polishing: appropriate polishing tools should be used for polishing, uniform treatment should be required, and avoid overthrowing and re-scratch.
3) oil removal and dust removal: before pickling and passivation of stainless steel, oil, scale, dust and other sundries must be removed according to the process.
4) water blasting: different microglass beads and different process parameters should be selected according to different treatment requirements, and excessive spraying should be avoided.
5) pickling and passivation: the pickling and passivation of stainless steel parts must be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements.
6) cleaning and drying: after pickling and passivation, neutralization, washing and drying should be carried out strictly according to the process to completely remove residual acid.
7) protection: after the surface treatment of the stainless steel parts is completed, protection should be done to avoid the secondary pollution of personnel touching and oil, dust and other sundries.
8) avoid reprocessing: after the surface treatment of stainless steel parts, avoid reprocessing the parts or products.

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Post time: Oct-30-2019
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