The 2018 semi-annual general meeting of hongwang group ended successfully in zhaoqing hongwang

On July 21st, solstice 22, the second quarter of 2018 work summary meeting of hongwang group was held in zhaoqing hongwang.Group chairman dai jinghui, President ai dong, vice President zhu jiqiao, dai zehui, liu wei, gao zhice and zhaoqing hongwang, fujian hongwang, shandong hongwang, foshan hongwang, wuxi hongwang and other major management personnel attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the main leaders of each company respectively reported the main work of the first half of 2018, proposed the work plan for the third quarter, analyzed the existing problems in the work and proposed corresponding solutions.Chairman dai gave full recognition to the work of each company and each department in the first half of the year, and made requirements on the work priorities and existing problems of the next quarter.For ZhaoQingHong wenger is planning a new high-end surface finish “smart” new project made important instructions, requirements on the basis of the traditional production process bold technology and technological innovation, improved automation and informationization level, promote stainless steel finishing industry technology upgrade, and faster in by the end of the trial production conditions.At the same time, after the group management committee research, chairman dai announced the original zhaoqing hongwang general manager assistant hu guo was appointed zhaoqing hongwang executive deputy general manager (new project), shandong hongwang now general manager assistant deng shiquan in charge of the production system of shandong hongwang.


We should be open and inclusive and introduce outstanding talents


With the growth of the company, the introduction of external talent and internal talent training is the main business subject facing the company.The company should use superior incentive mechanism, fair and just selection mechanism and up-down racing mechanism to actively and boldly introduce external excellent talents, and create a good growth environment and space for the outstanding talents with a more open and inclusive mentality.In terms of internal talent cultivation, we should further strengthen the exploration of internal lecturers, continue to introduce external professional training, improve the management concept of construction of key talent echelon, focus on cultivating inter-disciplinary and innovative talents, and build an excellent talent team with high quality, strong ability and excellent business.


Prevention first, adhere to the integrity and integrity of the construction


In terms of honesty and honesty construction, the meeting comprehensively explained the importance of honesty operation, law-abiding and honesty practice to enterprises, and required the comprehensive implementation of the core concept of “honesty operation”, and the unremitting efforts to build a good style, focusing on prevention, control from the source, and strengthen the publicity and supervision of honesty warning.


Excellent quality, solid promotion of quality management standardization


The company shall fully comply with and practice the quality management system, improve the factory quality management system, and promote quality management standardization.Pay close attention to first-line management, ensure quality at all costs, eliminate unqualified products from the source, continuously improve product quality and establish the company product image.


Sincere service to solve the actual needs of customers


We emphasize adhering to the service concept of “market-oriented and customer-oriented”, and implementing the service concept of “serving customers is the only value of our existence”. All the customer service work should not only stay on the surface, but also be put into practice in a down-to-earth manner to solve the actual needs of customers.To speed up the optimization and online order management system and priority service process and the control points, further improve the planning, production, logistics and after-sale services such as the key link of the quality of work with each other, improve service efficiency, let the customer’s requirements are more quick and thoughtful response, better manifest the value of our service.


Safety and environmental protection to ensure that all work in place


In terms of safety and environmental protection management, it is emphasized that all companies should thoroughly check and rectify safety and environmental protection hidden dangers.All things must be done before and ahead of others, and we must plan for the future and prevent minor accidents, eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers, ensure that all special work will be carried out, and prevent accidents of safety and environmental protection in any form.The main leaders of each company should focus on the safety and environmental protection work, and further maintain the company’s good safety and environmental protection stable production situation.


Forge ahead, worthy of their own, worthy of the mission of The Times


Finally, chairman dai pointed out that based on the advantages of the group’s good regional layout and the strategic deployment of upstream and downstream cooperation, the group has created favorable conditions for seeking greater development space.But in the company’s rapid development stage, must guard against the “big enterprise disease”, eliminates any form of bureaucracy, must not allow to be self-centered.Managers must be clearly aware of their own shortcomings, break the solidified thinking mode, continuously improve the concept of business development and management awareness, find ways to simplify the process, and minimize the cost of internal communication.I hope all my colleagues will unite and help each other and encourage each other to improve on the group’s platform of common development and progress.


At the meeting, the President of the group, general manager ai, analyzed and commented on the report of the management, and pointed out that all the companies and managers of the group should unify their thoughts and take effective and practical actions to implement the report

Conference spirit.In the complex and changeable international and domestic economic environment and industrial competition pattern, hongwang brothers and sisters are stiff and turn danger into opportunity, and have achieved good results in the first half of the year.when

Before, I was in the stage of climbing over a hill. I need to focus on the market, focus on the customer, make a quick breakthrough on the key nodes, and put all the work deployed by the group into practice.Direction, goals, trees

Confidence, with the spirit of perseverance and innovation, to win the market and speed up the development of the group.


Finally, chairman dai said sincerely that we are in a changing era, which has given us numerous opportunities and challenges.In the face of rare opportunities for enterprise development and personal growth, we must not in the age of struggle to choose ease.We should follow the pace of rapid development of the enterprise, do everything possible to achieve their own responsibility and mission, and persist in learning and hard work, and strive to make themselves worthy of The Times hongwang people.


Issues during the meeting, for a more in-depth discussion of professional, excellent enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing experience, synchronous held a production, supply and marketing, financial and administrative system of special group meetings, and on July 23 and 24, by the chairman, Mr. Dai always personally led the main management team, in zhanjiang, yangjiang, foshan and other places to carry out the field communication.

Post time: Oct-29-2018
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