The head of Shandong provincial environmental department Mr. Ande Wang paid a visit in Shandong Hongwang

On May 9, 2017, the head of Shandong provincial environmental department Mr. Ande Wang, municipal party committee and executive vice mayor Mr. Yimin Li, together with his delegation investigated the enterprise transformation and upgrading status of Shandong Hongwang. The delegation debriefed the development proposal from local government and the company. President of Shandong Hongwang Ms. Xiaoyan Yu, Vice President of Hongwang investment group Mr. Zehui Dai and Mr. Zhice Gao accompanied the investigation.


The delegation visited six-stand tandem mill with continuous annealing and pickling line, in particular, they debriefed the detailed planning and construction standards of phase 1, 2, 3 with the annual capacity of 1.2 million tons stainless steel. Mr. Zhice Gao presented the introduction. We also briefed about the development proposal for extended supporting industry of Linyi stainless steel which to be relied on Shandong Shengyang group and Shandong Hongwang.


They praised Hongwang’s innovation on technology and processing, automation as well as application of information system, and also encouraged us to grasp the first chance in order to make our factory bigger and stronger. We should pay attention for our environmental protection to complete our project construction with high standards and efficiency. 


Post time: Jul-19-2018
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