There are problems in the process of stainless steel products


stainless steelstainless steel

1. Weld defects: the weld defects are serious, so manual and mechanical polishing is adopted to make up for them, resulting in uneven surface and poor aesthetics.
2. Inconsistent surface: only pickling and passivation of the weld will cause uneven surface and affect the appearance.
3. Scratch is difficult to remove: the overall pickling passivation, also can not be removed in the processing process of a variety of scratches, and can not remove due to scratch, welding spatter adhesion on the surface of stainless steel carbon steel, spatter and other impurities, resulting in the presence of corrosive media in the presence of chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion and rust.
4. Uneven polishing and passivation: after manual polishing and pickling passivation treatment, it is difficult to achieve a uniform treatment effect for the workpiece with a large area, and the ideal uniform surface cannot be obtained.
And the cost of working hours and accessories is also high.
5. Limited pickling ability: pickling passivation paste is not universal, plasma cutting, flame cutting and black oxide skin, more difficult to remove.
6. Serious scratches caused by human factors: in the process of hoisting, transportation and structural processing, scratches caused by human factors such as knock, drag and hammer are relatively serious, which increases the difficulty of surface treatment and is also the main reason for rust after treatment.
7. Equipment factors: scratches and creases in the process of rolling and bending profiles and plates are also the main causes of corrosion after treatment.
8 other factors: stainless steel raw materials in the procurement, storage process, due to the hoisting, transportation process of the collision and scratch is also more serious, is one of the causes of corrosion.

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Post time: Dec-02-2019
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