Warm congratulations to yangjiang hongwang new project groundbreaking ceremony was held

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On October 26, 2019, at 10:08 am, the warm sun was shining and the wind was blowing on the face. Yangjiang hongwang industrial co., LTD was full of friends on the scene and the first phase of production and the new project groundbreaking ceremony was held here.
Jiao lansheng, secretary of yangjiang municipal committee; wen zhanbin, deputy secretary of yangjiang municipal committee and mayor; li yongyi, member of standing committee of yangjiang municipal committee and secretary of high-tech zone;
Li xinchuang, President of China metallurgical industry planning and research institute, and other industry research institutions, industry associations, industry mainstream media;
Qingshan holding, henan jinhui, shandong shengyang, baosteel desheng and other upstream steel representatives;
Financial institutions, cooperative units, industrial chain customers and close suppliers;
Chairman of hongwang group dai zhenghui, vice President zhu jiqiao, dai zehui, liu wei, gao zhiche, liu zushi and other group leaders, and management of yangjiang hongwang attended the ceremony.
First of all, chairman zhu jiqiao of yangjiang hongwang made a speech of welcome, expressing warm welcome to all the leaders and guests who came to guide us, and expressing heartfelt thanks to all the brothers and sisters who participated in the construction of yangjiang hongwang.
He congzhen, director and general manager of guangqing technology co., LTD., extended warm congratulations on the first phase production of yangjiang hongwang and the start of the new project. He said:
Long-term partners
Guangqing technology and hongwang group around the stainless steel production, supply and marketing resources to establish a long-term good relationship of cooperation, the two sides hand in hand, complementary advantages, always for the development of the stainless steel industry to contribute their own strength
Complete industrial chain
Yangjiang hongwang first phase of 700,000 tons of high-end stainless steel cold rolling production line project smoothly put into operation, indicating that a complete industrial chain has been formed from the smelting of laterite ore to the processing of stainless steel products. The industrial chain advantages of downstream enterprises relying on guangqing technology to provide high-quality stainless steel raw materials are increasingly prominent.
Work together to build a benchmark
At the same time, yangjiang macro flourishing today also in the foundation of new project, believes that yangjiang macro swan will be to the highest standards of planning and construction for the new project, make industry benchmark companies across the country, and cooperate with wide green science and technology together, together for yangjiang to billions of stainless steel industry cluster contribution strength, make greater contribution to the development of China stainless steel!

Subsequently, the main leaders attended the meeting jointly completed the launch ceremony, yangjiang hongwang phase I production and new project construction ceremony successfully concluded.

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Post time: Oct-29-2019
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