Zhaoqing high-tech zone district deputy secretary of the party committee, management committee director wang zhe visited zhaoqing wang survey

the afternoon of October 9, 2018, wang zhe, deputy secretary of party work committee and director of management committee of zhaoqing high-tech zone district, accompanied by liu wei, vice President of hongwang group and liu nature, general manager of zhaoqing hongwang.


Held the first symposium, liu, general manager of natural sincere thanks to the district departments and district management committee and various functional departments has ZhaoQingHong flourishing development support, and to the king, director of one line of a comprehensive introduction of the current situation of the development of the enterprise and the construction of new projects, wang director of ZhaoQingHong prosperous develop innovative products, strengthen the practice of saving energy and reducing consumption to be sure, at the same time proposed the expectation to the development of new project: hope enterprises continuously improve the added value of products, strengthen the enterprise’s core competitiveness, to the development of new steps!


Finally, secretary wang and his delegation visited the construction site of zhaoqing hongwang finishing processing project. Secretary wang required: the construction of the project should be carried out with a high sense of responsibility and urgency, and pay attention to enterprise development and project construction.The district party committee and management committee will do their best to support enterprises to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction process and create a good development environment for enterprises.Zhaoqing hongwang will continue to innovate ideas, speed up the construction of new projects, improve enterprise management level, increase product added value, increase market development efforts, improve market share, strive to improve economic and social benefits, and make greater contributions to local economic and social development!

Post time: Oct-24-2018
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