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Stainless Steel

Core products are 200, 300, and 400 series stainless steel coils including finishes of 2D, 2B, width ranges from 510mm to 1550mm.


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  • Email: export@cnhwjt.com
  • Addr.: 20F and 21F No.68 Fochen Rd, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China

What Makes HWHG

Professional HWHG

Three-stand Tandem Mill
Four-stand Tandem Mill
Five-stand Tandem Mill
Six-stand Tandem Mill
20-high Rolling Mill
2B Production Line
BA Production Line
Continuous Rolling & Annealing Mill
Colored Stainless Steel Production Line
Vertical Bright Annealing Furnace

Innovation HWHG

We proudly hold 809 national patents, including 88 invention patents, 714 utility patents, 1 design patent and 6 software patents. These patents cover a range of self-developed stainless steel finishing equipment.

Green HWHG

Hongwang collaborates closely with upstream companies to establish nearby factories, significantly reducing transportation and public energy consumption.

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